Who We Are

A team of Bitcoiners based in El Salvador

We are passionate about Bitcoin Lightning

We are focused on welcoming new users to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Our product makes accepting Bitcoin Lightning easy, helps you choose your own wallet, and ensures you move past relying on us.

Our Founder Jamie Robinson From Canada

Jamie has spent the last ten years welcoming new users to Bitcoin. He has built his career and reputation helping people.

If you bought your first Bitcoin during 2013 to 2018 in Canada, you might have bought from his QuickBT.com project — 90,000 early Canadians did. The premise was the same: let new users join Bitcoin easily, help them on their way, be kind, and answer any questions we can.

Before discovering Bitcoin, Jamie earned a specialist degree from the University of Toronto and led a Toronto-based business digital strategy firm.

Our Headquarters

We've followed the world to El Salvador and setup our offices. We needed a place that supports our Bitcoin-only mission and gives us the optimism for the future. We have been authorized by the Banco Central De Reserva De El Salvador to provide our wallet and payment processing services. Our registration number is: 651e6351ccea3f03c0b67c2b.

Our headquarters is located:
AcceptLN.com (ALN SA de CV)
Plaza Santa Elena, Suite 203
Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad
El Salvador
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Sadly, we do not accept visitors at our headquarters.

The fastest way to reach us is always by email: [email protected]

Security Favors Simplicity

AcceptLN.com does not have sign-ups, passwords, or complex requirements. You can use any email or email forward with us.

We just have two main pages: one for accepting payments and one for claiming payments. We only have one app (web) and rely on the least gatekeepers possible. We don't consider your data or sats to be an asset. Our pricing encourages you to use our product briefly, and then move to your own wallet.

We work with security researchers daily and pay them to help us. Our Vulnerability Rewards Program is open for all.