Our Pricing

No service fees as long as you claim within 60 days

We get you started without fees

We accept your payments with no service charge.
We hold your payments while you setup your wallet with no service charge.
We send your payments to you with no service charge.
Just pay the Lightning Network a routing fee when we finalize your claim.

Routing Fee

Each time a payment on the Bitcoin Lightning network is sent, a tiny fee is paid by the sender to the network for routing.

For most payments, this is less than $0.01 — and it usually costs 1 - 100 sats.

You will see this fee on your claims page, as we need to set it aside to make our payment to you.

Inactivity Fee

For each payment, you have 60 days to setup your wallet and claim your payment with no fee paid to us. If you choose not to setup your wallet and claim your payments from us within 60 days, we will begin to charge an inactivity fee daily. We do not want to be your forever bank - please setup your wallet and claim your payments as soon as possible.

For this reason, between 60 and 240 days of not claiming, we charge just over 1% per day. By day 240, your entire payment will be charged as an inactivity fee. This protects us from holding your payments forever and gives us a small revenue stream to fund the service for all users. For more information, please see our Terms Of Use.