Type any email address — instantly send it Bitcoin Lightning

We accept payments on behalf of email addresses and we notify them.

Claim payments back within 60 days with no service fee.

Here are four ways we can help:

First Try

Use AcceptLN.com to receive your first Lightning payment. Claim it back, when you're ready, with the email we send.

Personal Payments

Send Bitcoin Lightning to anyone's email. We receive the payment on their behalf and email them to claim it.

Business POS

Use a business email and be a Lightning-enabled business in seconds.

Second Defense

Use AcceptLN.com to receive payments if your usual wallet is having trouble.

Simple & Secure

Our design makes receiving Lightning effortless.
We respect your data by collecting almost none of it.
Security favors simplicity.
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10 Years Of Bitcoin

Our founder's Bitcoin resume started in early 2013.
We help onboard users to Bitcoin & Lightning.
We offer convenience solutions using short-custody.
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Accept Bitcoin Lightning Payments

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